Managing your Labour & Supply Chain
Raise and Manage Your Project Requisitions, Collaborate with Your Suppliers
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why requidex?
requiDex is the end-to-end Digital Vendor System for Construction
Temporary workforces generate massive amounts of data. This data can be used to make your projects operate more efficiently and more cost-effectively, but only if the data can be turned into actionable intelligence. Our VMS allows you to employ the industry’s most robust and most advanced set of tools to convert workforce data into workforce intelligence.

For Clients

Acquire the best external talent at the ideal cost.

Our intuitive solution offers the necessary tools to effectively plan, manage, and analyse your labour needs.
With requiDex, you can streamline your processes and have 24/7 access to a holistic, simplified view of your project requisitions.

For suppliers

requiDex was designed with suppliers in mind.

Suppliers have often felt neglected by their VMS providers due to limited visibility and communication, leaving them guessing and sending candidates blindly.
With requiDex’s easy-to-use platform, suppliers can build relationships and share real-time information with Project Managers, shortening hiring times and speeding up time to productivity.

Fully Connected
Labour Desk





Real-Time Tracking

Build out your resources histogram in advance of of your project start-date.
Predict, model, and measure project spend using our dashboards or our API (e.g.: Power BI).
With requiDex, customers can forecast spending accurately based on live and open requisitions on the platform.Enabling you to plan and budget effectively, reducing the risk of overspending and helping you achieve your project goals within budget.

Dashboards and reports enable you to get a holistic view of your requisitions, making it easier to target KPIs and identify areas for improvement. They are fully customizable, enabling you to track the metrics that matter most to your business.

Fully-Connected Labour Desk

Request, review, and manage your labour in real-time on one platform, from anywhere, at any time.

With requiDex you’ll be able to expand your capabilities and resources while keeping your processes streamlined and efficient.

Streamlined Invoicing

requiDex uses the same data to raise a self-billing invoice for suppliers, eliminating the need for QS time to do manual reconciliations and time-consuming disagreements.

Totally hassle-free
. Identify areas for improvement.

They are fully customisable, enabling you to track the metrics that matter most to your business.

Automated Timesheets

Easily track the hours consumed by labour in real-time with automated timesheets to ensure your workforce are paid on time.

With our Biometrics integration, you’ll always be on top of how much spend is being committed against projects, sections, and regions while keeping your processes streamlined and efficient.

Built by Construction, for Construction

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